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Recharter - Posted Units are not on Charter Renewal Dashboard or Status Report

Units that have been Posted (registration expiration dates now 12/31/2022) are not shown in either:
a) Commissioner Tools > Organization Dashboard > Charter Renewal Status > Units Posted count
b) Charter Renewal Status Report (no rows shown in report for units that have been posted)

Is that the intended functionality?

Council 777
District 13
Positions: District Commissioner and Unit Commissioner

Once my unit posted, it seemed to appear 1 day, and then “fell off the charts”.

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I don’t know about y’all but this recharter cycle has got me worn down. I am wishing for the old system back after how many problems getting things done in my district this year. It seems like a never ending set of roadblocks that nobody can remove.

@JohnGeiser - I guess I am among the lucky ones with a good outcome

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There is a eighth, not listed, status of Complete (or some other words that means National has completed the process and the unit is rechartered for the next year). Posted is a misleading status. It means that Council is done with their steps, and the unit is waiting for National to do their part.

It is funny. That “done done” status even takes the unit off of the report, not just the totals.

Of the 23 units in my district maybe 5 have gone through without a hitch.

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