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Awarded when not supposed to

I provide tech support for this leader. Can anyone help us?

Conquistador Council
Troop 226 -
my questions.
each time I enter a merit badge as completed/approve - scoutbook automatically indicates that it has been awarded. I would rather not show a badge awarded until I have actually received and/or awarded it to the boy.
I also had gone into world conversation award to see what had been recorded for this award. I did not date it, did not indicate completed or approved. Scoutbook for whatever reason has now marked it as completed/approved/awarded. This is incorrect. The boys have not completed the conversation award.

On Matthew 's internet advancement log it indicates a few of the badges as only approved and they have been awarded at this point in time and I can not get scoutbook to acknowledge that.

Matthew Del Toro #128407548

Dravin Hanks #128877977

Ethan Wheeler #131610094

Joaquin Wheeler #132811989

Cheryle Csakan
Advancement Troop 226

This unit is using Scoutbook not Internet Advancement Scoutbook Only.

Is the leader using Scoutbook or Internet Advancement 2.0?

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