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Awards disappearing from Scoutbook

Advancements don’t get deleted from Scoutbook. It sounds like a second account was somehow created for the scout that replaced the one you originally had. Did you check my dashboard > administration > my account > my connections to see if that Scout appears twice?

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Yes, I checked that. They only appear once. For two of the scouts, they lost an entire year and some recent belt loops. The other scout lost everything. All three of them transferred in about a year ago. Is it possible the old pack made a change? We have a couple of scouts that still show up in two packs.

@AllisonSorg - when a cub bridges to the troop and the membership is changed to the troop, the cub record moves into the background. The record can be seen by running the cub scout history report on that scout.

@MikeManning - what is the timeline on these scouts. They transferred in when and was it in-council or out of council ? How was that transfer into your pack done in scoutbook ?

Thank you Jennifer. We have tried that. Council can see all his records. But he keeps disappearing from Scoutbook. All efforts to fix have failed or lasted until the overnight sync…and then gone again. Allison

@AllisonSorg - the scout disappears or is the scout there but info is gone. I guess I am getting confused. I could do a screen share to see first hand. If that works… email me at shornak@bloomberg.net

Scout disappears. When we try to use his membership number to add him back into the Troop, we get an account with that number, but there is no information in it except one merit badge. No connections, no parents, membership to Troop only, not in a patrol. We finally just picked one and recreated his entire Troop profile, but since he is not in the Pack anymore, there is no way to go back and edit his membership or the Arrow of Light award. I have someone else offering to help with a screen share. Thank you. If that falls through for some reason, I will email you Stephen. Thank you!

If he is being dropped from your Scoutbook roster, then that sounds like some of his information (full name, BSA ID number, or date of birth) does not match between his Scoutbook record and the unit roster (Member Manager) at my.scouting.org.

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Well, somehow, his middle name has disappeared from the roster. When we try to search him with the complete first/middle/last name combination, it says he is already in our Troop. ???

OK, this sounds like he has a duplicate or multiple record in Scoutbook. The record that does not match the official roster is probably the one that keeps getting dropped.

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So what do I do? I’ve been to Council and they can see everything from Tiger to present. They say it is a Scoutbook issue. But he is not in Scoutbook except for what we made so he can get rank advancement.

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If the Scout has a duplicate (or multiple) record in Scoutbook, then that’s what’s causing the issues. It is likely that the other record is not viewable to you in Scoutbook for some reason.

A couple things for a Troop Admin to try:

First, have a Troop Admin go to the Troop Roster page, click on their name, click on their Troop Admin role and Update, then save.

Next, have a Troop Admin go to My Account -> My Connections and see if they see the Scout’s real account listed there. If they do, they should be able to add the Scout’s Membership with the troop back.

If they do not see it listed under My Connections, then the Troop Admin should try using the “Transfer In Scout” button on the Troop Roster page.

If those suggestions do not work, then you probably need to send an e-mail to Scoutbook Support at:


Please be sure to include as much identifying information as you can (Scout’s full name, BSA ID number, troop number, council name, the fact that you created a duplicate record for the Scout, etc.).

I would get the record from my.scouting as well to be certain that all matches.

As @Stephen_Hornak noted, the Cub Scout level advancement (other than AoL) will not be “visible” in Scoutbook, except through the Cub Scout History Report under My Dashboard → My Family → Scout’s Name → Reports. If the AoL was never marked “Leader Approved”, it might not have showed up in Scoutbook at the troop level even if it showed up when the scout was still in the pack.

As several people (@JenniferOlinger, @jacobfetzer) pointed out, what’s most likely happened is that the council created a duplicate record for the scout at recharter time, and that duplicate record is the one that is linked to your unit in my.scouting and Scoutbook. Since the duplicate record is “new”, it doesn’t have the previous advancement data in it. Since the “original” record with the advancement data doesn’t match what’s on the official roster, the automatic scripts in Scoutbook are purging the “original” scout each night. I would try a trick that @jacobfetzer (I think) suggested in another thread: if you can still reach the original record (or even your “duplicate”), try setting the membership start date to today, which should give you some time before the scripts automatically purge the record from the unit. That might allow you enough time to figure out if there are duplicate records with different BSA IDs, the same BSA ID but different names, etc. The more data you can provide to support, the easier it is for them to figure out what’s going on.

The first thing I would look at is what the BSA ID and name for the scout are on the council records, as well as what your unit sees in the roster at my.scouting under Member Manager and in Scoutbook. In principle, these should all be the same, but one or more items may not match if there’s an error/duplicate somewhere in the system. If council is seeing the advancement data for the same BSA ID as Scoutbook is not seeing the advancement data, then it seems like a sync issue between Scoutbook and the council’s advancement data somehow.

If the parent isn’t showing as connected to the “scout with no advancement data”, that probably means the parent is still connected to the “original” record, and that the “new” one is a different BSA ID/entry for the same scout. Can the scout’s parent see the scout that shows data when they log in to Scoutbook, or is their “connected” scout also missing information? What BSA ID and name does the parent see looking in My Dashboard → My Family → Scout’s Name → Scout’s Profile (scroll down to the bottom for the BSA ID)? What zip code? Does that match what the unit sees in Scoutbook? At my.scouting? What council shows in their records that include all of the advancement?

I think that, if trying what @JenniferOlinger suggested doesn’t help, this might be the easiest way to collect enough data that support can diagnose the issue and fix it.

Jennifer! I’m so excited! We had my son link to his Scoutbook account and it shows all his Cub Scout information, but nothing for Scouts BSA. But…I think if figured out another piece of the puzzle, but do not know how to fix it. I would love some help with that. Somehow, my son ended up with 2 ID numbers. I don’t know how it happened, but the other ID number, we deleted because whenever we add it to the Troop, it comes up with another Scout’s name in the Troop. But that Scout has a unique ID number that is not the one that keeps connecting to my son. So, I have 2 numbers. How do we merge these accounts? Is that even the best thing to do? Let me know if I should post the numbers here. Thank you Jennifer!

Send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org. Include your Scout’s name, unit, council and the two BSA Member IDs. Ask them to merge the accounts. Make sure they know which one is to survive after they merge the accounts.

Thanks Ed. I’m not sure which one should survive. Does it matter? Thank you!

The BSA ID that reflects the scout’s advancement (and ideally is the one on your unit’s official roster at my.scouting) should survive. If those aren’t the same BSA ID, I would probably specify in my email to scoutbook.support:

  • which BSA ID is on your official roster and should survive
  • which advancements need to exist in the final account
  • which connections should be retained (e.g. parents, unit admins)

You will almost certainly have some clean-up to do at the end (e.g. re-adding non-admin adult leader connections).

I would also have your council registrar check to see if there are duplicate BSA Member IDs attached to him or if they have him listed as 2 people. They could clean up ScoutNET before you ask to have Scoutbook fixed.

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Figured it out. I have sent an email to now delete the incorrect occurrence of my son’s account…to the email address you gave me. It all looks correct again except for that bit. Not sure what happened, but I will hold onto the correct number for the future because I bet this will happen again at recharter in 2020.

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