My Scouts Keep Disappearing and Duplicating

Our pack had a huge shift in leadership this year, and basically all leadership is new with some of us filling multiple roles (I’m running 5 dens, unit advancement chair, as well as assistant cubmaster). I only have connection to my children, the scouts in my dens, and then one other scout randomly. But this is the least of my worries. As we move towards recharter we’re having issues with two scouts disappearing from our roster (invalid youth created error) I have to go in every day and delete the end date on the scout that I am connected to, but can’t do anything for the scout that I am not connected to. Both of these scouts are transfers from other councils. I also have two other scouts who we are having issues with. One scout had a duplicate account created, his mother’s account was also duplicated and she doesn’t have access to either of those accounts and they’re empty. However, the one that is the duplicate for the child is the one that shows up in our roster and not his profile that contains all his advancements. With the other child, everything shows correct except her council membership, it still has her with her previous council instead of ours, but has her in one of our packs, and because of that we cannot approve or award any advancements, just put them in that she’s completed them.

Then of course issues with our adult transfers… It’s just a huge mess.

Post the BSA Member IDs of the individuals you are having trouble with (no names) and we will investigate.

13654382 (this is correct profile for the duplicated scout)
136998576 (this scout keeps getting terminated daily)
13459485 (this scout has the incorrect council)
137164106 (this scout also has the invalid user created error)

13992672 (this is a duplicate account and not accessible by the parent)
132639548 (a transfer not showing up on our roster)
134874185 (also not showing up on our roster)
13596710 (advancement chair not connected to all scouts)

Well @ErinForte we need more data we need Old/New
ex. XXXXXXXXX/13654382 - what is the profile info for the first Scout? See what I mean

I will see if one of the other leaders can get me that information. I am not connected to that profile for the scout and cannot see the ID number.

for the other adult

Old number: 13992672
New Number: 13042568

The scout with the duplicate profile does not have a BSA number on the other account, there is only a user ID number: 12088056

This NEW number is not is your Council

Ah, yes we’re seeing that it is her new number when she applied to be a leader in our council.

I’m not sure if this would help or not, but I’ll got ahead and float it in case it will.

Maybe it will help if you identify the adults and scouts based on the BSA ID numbers listed in your official roster at That way, those definitely belong to your unit and council. You will need a member of the Unit Key 3 (CM, CC, COR) or someone designated in the Position Manager as a Key 3 Delegate functional role by one of those people to review that information. That will also tell you which adults and scouts are missing from your official roster, which could indicate an issue with paperwork filed with council.

Then, you can cross-check that data with what’s in your roster in Scoutbook to help identify what the issue is.

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Thanks! I was able to get in touch with our district chair and charter rep, I’ll have Key 3 permissions in time to hopefully figure some things out and get our scoutbook sorted!

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