Previous Special Awards no longer showing

Going through some old paperwork looking for Training (another thread, resolved) I found that I am missing SOME of the scout’s Special Awards. For example I am currently looking at a report entitled Individual History Report from 10/10/19 that shows a Cyber Chip, a Fireman Chit and a Totin’ Chip were earned by this scout, but none are showing in SB currently. This is not the first scout I have found this for.

SB doesn’t currently have an Individual History Report (by that name) so I’m kind of wondering if this report was created in Troop Master. I tried REALLY REALLY hard to copy over all Leadership/Training/Activities/Awards when we made the transition, and I would swear I triple checked myself. But I guess it’s possible I missed some (so far 2 out of 5 scouts, which is a higher percentage than I would have guessed).

Wondering if anyone is aware of any issues with Awards disappearing from SB at any point in the last couple of years (report from 11/17/20 does not show the missing Awards), or if SB ever even had a report titled Individual History Report?

Again, for anyone who followed the “missing Training” topic, I’m sure these are not critical Awards to be missing, but they mean something to some of my scouts/parents.

We have not had any reports of awards spontaneously disappearing from Scoutbook.

@MaureenMellett - there is a scoutsBSA history report in scoutbook which will list out leadership. Awards rank etc

I figured. But to add another layer of doubt, one of my reports is actually from 2/20/20, and we were definitively only using SB at that time. I would have had no reason to print an old report from TM. And it was called Individual History Report…

And for clarification, this isn’t some Awards from some scouts, this is ALL awards for some scouts. At least entered prior to 2/20/20.


Post the Scout’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

I’m looking at individual scouts now and their awards aren’t showing up, so I’m guessing they wouldn’t show up in the BSA History and not SB? Their current (1/25/22) BSA History reports don’t show the awards either.

Thanks. I’ll pick the next one (corrected the first 3).

Also include the items that are missing.

BSA Member # or UserID?

Either one works. The tools I have allow me to search by either.

UserID 5054150
missing Cyber Chip 2/5/18; Fireman Chit 5/12/18; Totin’ Chip 5/12/18
Are included in the Individual History Report from 10/10/19

Pattern could be: all Awards entered before 2019. Consistently I’m seeing Cyber Chips, Fireman Chit’s, Totin’ Chip’s from 2018 missing. 2019 awards for same scouts are there. We did not use SB before approximately 8/19, so I would have entered 2018 awards in fall 2019. A Den Chief award is showing Entered and Complete by BSA Administrator on 6/19 (I show as having marked Awarded 8/31/19). These kids so far are about the same age, haven’t gotten to my (slightly) younger scouts yet.

Don’t know if that helps at all.

I looked at UserID 5054150. Between Akela and Scoutbook, the only Cyber Chip was earned in 2015 which I suspect was a Cub Scout Cyber Chip.

The Individual History Report is not a Scoutbook Report. I suspect that report came from a 3rd party application.

I can’t tell if these missing awards were removed from Scoutbook and Akela or never entered.

@MaureenMellett - since your unit used troopmaster, I suspect they had not uploaded to internet advancement in some time. That would explain missing items. I personally have not seen any items vanish from scoutbook or IA.

That could be the explanation. I took over and was to start in TM then transition to SB. The former IA Coordinator didn’t understand the IA 2.0 transition and thought that meant we had to transition to SB NOW, so I never got in to TM and didn’t know anything would have had to be uploaded. The reports I’m looking at from fall 2019/spring 2020 are from TM and someone must have been handing them off to me, even though I thought everyone had moved over to SB. Obviously I missed moving all the Awards over when I recreated everything else. We don’t know what we don’t know and it was a s#%$show getting everything transitioned over.

All to say, there is nothing wrong with SB and it was all a mistake on this end. Thank you both!

@MaureenMellett - glad to hear that you have figured it out. IA/scoutbook certainly can not present what it does not know.

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