Backordered items on purchase order

Is there a way in scoutbook to mark something on a purchase order as “not purchased”?
This mostly comes up with the cub preview adventures, which I realize were probably a limited run and won’t be in stock again until they become permanent additions, but there have been a handful of times when something else was out of stock, or we got the wrong thing, or our account was a couple of dollars short and I said “my son will understand if he doesn’t get his pins tonight.”
How do I note that these things still need to be purchased?

What I’ve always done is delete the purchase order before closing it, and creating a new one, omitting the missing items, so they stay on the Needs Purchasing list.

Oops. Hopefully we won’t need that purchase order again…
We had our meeting tonight and I marked the things we were able to hand out as “awarded”. Apparently that keeps them from going back on the “needs purchasing” report of you delete the PO.
I can’t imagine needing to refer back to that, but it’s a little unsettling not being able to!

When you delete it, everything goes back to the needs purchasing, and I just create another PO without the missing items. So I haven’t “lost” anything.

@ChristyDryden - if you marked them as awarded I do not understand the crisis… it is awarded and done… It is only items NOT awarded that float back to needs purchasing… I have done the process that @DanielWeber outlines for many years…

I don’t think I implied a crisis. It would just nice to be able to pull up those and say “looks like we spent $X” last year on awards and make sure that matches up with what our treasurer thinks we’re spending.
I know there have been a couple of times I’ve gone to pick something up and our account at the store was empty so I paid with my own card and forgot to turn in the receipt. Small amounts, not a huge deal - but if other people have done that, too, it could add up and cause budgeting issues in the future if there’s a big difference between what the pack paid for beltloops and what was actually spent on them.
It makes sense that they disappear if they’re marked Awarded - I just didn’t realize they were going to or I would have saved a copy of the PO before I deleted it.

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