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BALOO trained leaders

Is there an easy way to determine if a Cub Scout Pack has any BALOO trained leaders? If not, add it to the wish list of reports to pull. I know I can look through the individual training records for each scouter, but that’s not very efficient.


I will pass this along.

Please add IOLS to that list too. Thanks!

While it would be nice, I’d say IOLS is different. One can see if IOLS has been taken by their ASMs/SM already. It is required to be position trained for SM/ASMs, it is not required for a unit to have an outdoor activity. BALOO is required foe a I it to do an outdoor activity. So, it is different in importance.

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True. I was thinking it would be a handy tool to be able to quickly scan a unit and see who needs BALOO without doing the spreadsheet magic thing.

Robby Wright

This will sound pessimistic however it remains unchanged. There are several training that would be convenient to not have to pull individual unit member training reports to find out. The requirements for leadership are being fulfilled. {validating requirements are met) most recently asked to me was for whom in our district has completed DEI as that is the political pulse. Having an effective report in either my.scouting or scoutbook available would give back time to us. This topic “how to tell who is trained as a leader in” (insert course) [ILS, WFA, DEI, WB, Baloo (classroom + online] was one of the first and still remains in as low priority. “Every scout deserves a trained leader” was the theme for years however validating the gaps to make the program consistent and viable appears to not be a priority.

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