Training record

I’m a District level training chair, in charge of the cub scouts.
Is there a way to run a report in to see how many leaders (and who) are BALOO trained in each unit in my district?
Of course, I have access to the district training manager for the district.

Not that I am aware of. Ask your council to request an enhancement via a ticket in the training manager reports.

This is a great idea. Please make the request.

Course identification

Training Manager course name

In the aging Training Manager tutorial, slide 19, shows the name of the course displayed in an add training dropdown
as “BALOO (Basic Adult Ldr Outdoor Orientation) (C32)”

In the May 2019 training course code table it is

C32 BALOO (Basic Adult Ldr Outdoor Orient)


Note C32 is the code for completing both the perquisite online training and overnight outdoor training. It is not suppose to be entered unless both parts are completed.

Programing the report

I do not have access to Training Manager right now to test this method, but you may be able to sort the file by unit and then filter for the course code. Note: The positions data may need to be collapsed to people to get usable results.


That is to add the trailing to a leader’s record. I have done so multiple times as training chair.

What I’m talking about is running a report for existing trained BALOO leaders.
If you look at the next tab, ‘Search Training’, you can only search for position specific training and YPT, not a specific training such as BALOO for example.

You are correct. The Trained Leader Report and YPT Aging Report data is not what we are looking for.


Which brings me back to my original question: How can I get access to that report?
Kinda need it if I want to be effective in my “job”.


As Bill said earlier in this thread, the report you are looking for does not exist. You will need to ask your Council to make a request with BSA IT to create it.


How many leaders? parents?

Your district membership chair or district Key-3 leaders should be able to retrieve a list of which leaders and Scouts are currently registered. For count of parents you can ask you district commissioner to have the unit commissioners survey to units or estimate the parent participation.

Current BALOO trained

You may have to ask the district commissioner to have the unit commissioners survey the units they support.

Hazardous Weather Training

Do not forget to do Hazardous Weather Training planning. I recommend any leader that gets involved in outdoor events be current in this training that can be taken online.