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Apply Now option. Can Arrow of Light Scouts transferring into the Troop from the pack or another pack use this function to transfer?

They can, but more efficient option is for the parent to go to > menu > my applications. Then, click transfer beside the scout’s name.

Both options require that the parent be set as a parent in Akela (the membership database), which is separate from the parent connection in scoutbook.

@CD32 - the transfer tool is by far the best way to do this. It was painless last year.

While parents can certainly use the transfer tool, if you’re bridging an entire den, it may be easier for the Pack Key 3 (or delegate) to initiate the transfers, which they can do on the roster page in my.scouting.

Last year, I transferred 8 scouts to 2 different Troops in just a few clicks. Had I tried to get the parents to do it, it would have taken months. It also allowed me to initiate the transfers once I was sure all their Cub Scout awards were entered.