Help transferring my son to troop

We’re trying to figure out the online transfer system. I already officially stepped down as cubmaster as part of my son’s transition from pack to troop, so I no longer have Key 3 access, but I should still be able to transfer my own son, correct?
When I log in to my.scouting and go to My Application, I can see my own account but that’s it. Nothing about my son. Is that where it should be? Is there something I can do to get him to show up?
Reading other posts, if this means that he isn’t connected to me, it sounds like that might prevent me from transferring him even if I did still have Key 3 status.

I know the paper transfer application is an easy enough option, but I’d really like to be able to figure this out so we know the drill in the future.

Please see the instructions here:

If you do not see the options here, ask your council to make sure you are identified as a parent to your Scout in the system.

I guess I get to call council Monday.
I can get to the TRANSFER / MULTIPLE / RENEW APPLICATIONS screen, but the only person listed there is me. I successfully submitted a request to be added as a “multiple” for the new troop, so that might be enough to get me on their mailing list while I sort this out?

The issue is probably they don’t have you marked as a parent for your Scout in the council system. They should do that, and then you will be able to do the transfer in a couple of days in my.scouting.