Beascout Not Updating contact

We’ve had a leadership change and the old Scoutmaster is no longer on the roster but his info continues to show on In organization security section, the position is blank. In organization manager there is no place to update it. How do I get the old info off if we don’t have a new SM yet?

A Key 3 needs to go to Organization Manager - and click Unit Pin to update it

Key 3 Delegates and commissioners have access as well.

Okay, I figured out the issue. Still no fix though. I need to change the folks assigned via Security Organization, Functional positions. I can click on everything and update the date to show the role has expired, and click save. But it doesn’t actually save it.

I am a key 3, committee chair. Not sure why it won’t let me update. I show in the system as committee chair.

I can click the “add” button and add a new person, but it doesn’t save, either.

In the Organization Security Manager, any functional positions added or removed will not take effect until the following day. So if you just added them today, you won’t see them until tomorrow.

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Uh oh, oops. Just added the right person 10 times… Yikes, a pop-up that says that would be nice. Hope I didn’t break the system.

Thanks for the help!

There’s a position manager that is supposed to be replacing it soon. Hopefully it’ll work better. In any case, the experience should be changing soon.

I understand the District Executive and council office staff now also have access to update BeAScout map pins.