Online applications not available

When will online applications be re-enabled on
We have a number of youth that would like to apply.
We have it turned on in our Unit Pin Info and Units are allowed to update their pin info, but it does not show up on BeAScout. We’ve been told by the council that this is related to BSA “updating their systems”
We have two troops and a venturing crew. Apply Now works for Troop 158G, but not for Troop 158B or Crew 158. All are in the Blue Ridge Mountains Council (599).

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It will be reactivated a few days after recharter is posted.

So this is related to the Council or National Posting the Charter?
Kevin Woods
Pack 100 COR

All info in Organization set up appears correct.
Online Registration available for this unit.
Yes when I (or a new parent) go to submit an online app, we get:
We are sorry, online registrations for this unit are not available at this time. Please contact the unit leader.

Suggestions on what to look for?

The “easiest” way I came up with for checking if charter has finalized was to check my own profile at to watch for when my unit-level position expiration changes to a 2022 date.

It is related to the council. Some councils do it quickly (1-2 weeks) while others wait till April or May.

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For us it was a council issue. As soon as the council posted the charter, our Apply Now button came back up almost immediately for both our crew and one of our troops. Our other troop auto-posted back in December and did not require council action, so we never had this issue.