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Best practice for adding new parent/leader?

Several times now, I’ll create an account for a parent (say of a tiger scout). In some cases, there is a delay (finishing training, talking them into it, etc) and they sign up as a leader. So council then makes a second account which seems to NEVER link to the first one. So I have to ask support to combine them. EVERY. TIME.

How should I be dealing with this? Is there a way for me to combine/connect the accounts? I’ve tried talking some of the parents thought the various debugging things like adding multiple BSAIDs on my.scouting and such (one of these was a leader in another group), but didn’t have any luck at all.

The multiple accounts per person (one of my leaders had THREE) is one of the most recurrent and annoying bugs with scoutbook so far for me.

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I haven’t found any way to have the council reliably convert a parent to a leader and retain the same scoutbook account without a need to merge. The closest we’ve gotten head been for the parent to log on to my.scouting, take YPT, and include that BSA ID on the leader application.

The problem I’m seeing is that when they are added as a parent they may not HAVE a BSAID. In other cases, I suspect that council is ignoring any that are listed on the app (based on the # of duplicates I’m seeing).

I’m honestly not 100% certain what happens when a parent with a Scoutbook account takes YPT in terms of the creation of a new Scoutbook account. I suspect that the moment that the parent creates an account at my.scouting, a new Scoutbook account is created with the information listed, and the BSA ID generated is already attached to that “new” account (so can’t be added to the existing account manually). I think that the correct course of action in that case is to have the parent go into his or her account after completing YPT and use the Switch SSO Profile at:

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → Switch SSO Profile

to map the my.scouting account to the parent’s account before submitting the application to the council. That way, at least, the BSA ID and YPT should be correctly associated with the parent’s existing Scoutbook account before the council gets to entering the new registration.

Honestly, in that situation, my next call would probably be to the registrar to see how they want the unit to indicate that the adult has an existing Scoutbook/my.scouting account. Most registrars are happy to work with folks, particularly when it reduces their workload. I’d let them know know what I had already tried (adding the BSA ID in the paper applications, making sure it’s mapped to the “existing” account via Switch SSO Profile,…) and ask what other steps would help streamline the process for them.

There’s not a whole lot that I think can be done on the unit side beyond that, and there’s no way for Scoutbook (I think) given the current structure to determine automatically that Josh’s dad Charley Hamilton is also Troop 750’s ASM Charley Hamilton if there are differences between the accounts.

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