Scout - Parent connection

I have several new Scouts who went through the paper application process this year. The Council already added these Scouts and Parents into our Pack in Scoutbook, with the connection between Scout and Parent “mostly” in place.

I say “mostly” because we see this in the “Modify Connected Adult” screen, for example:
This connection is Pending
Last invitation email was sent 14 minutes ago

That should be no problem, because I can “Send Invite Again”, but the new invitation emails these parents are receiving doesn’t seem to accomplish anything to complete the connection.

These emails show:


Joshua McClain is using Scoutbook to track REDACTED’s advancement in Scouting.

Joshua would like to share REDACTED’s records with you so both of you can view and edit his progress.

Use the Forgot Password link on the login page in case you no longer have your password.

Is there something they need to do after they come back to the website? Maybe a forced logout then login?

Josh McClain
Pack 846
Duluth, GA

Thank you for reporting this. This is already a known issue that was recently reported.

Thanks. Is there a work-around I can have people use for now?

They can create a my.scouting account and then when they log into scoutbook with their my.scouting username, it should find them.

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