Current Status of Parents Enabling Scout Accounts

I have parents that can’t get their scouts connected to Scoutbook. I have no way of testing this myself, and the way to invite a scout to connect has been changing. Are there any help logs / manuals to assist with this that I can share? What should I tell parents to do? Thank you!

I see the invite button on the edit extended information page for my Cub Scout. If it’s not there for the parent, Scoutbook thinks they’ve already been invited. One workaround is for the scout to create a my.scouting account in order to recover their member number, but it’s very important that they use the same full name and date of birth as they are registered with. Otherwise, they’ll end up with a duplicate account. After creating it, they need to use those credentials to log into scoutbook once before they will appear on the send messages page.


It worked for my daughter about a week ago.


This worked for our parents

[How Do I Give My Scout Access to Their Account? - Scoutbook Knowledge Base (]

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