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Birthday Notifications

Hi there,

I think it would be nice if Scouts can be sent a happy birthday message once a year. This can be an automatic message that Scoutbook sends to the Scout (and/or his/her parents), or it can be a reminder sent to the Den Leader and/or Cubmaster, so that they can send a message. Or maybe they can mention it the next time they see those Scouts.

This is fairly low on the priority list, but I think it needs to go on the list as a nice-to-have.



Nice personal touch.

There is already an item on the backlog to add birthdays to the calendar but I doubt it will be something the BSA will spend time on for the foreseeable future.

As a workaround, the the volunteer written and supported Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook for Chrome and Firefox has the ability to add Scout birthdays to the unit calendar. You could then setup an automated reminder to send the Scout an e-mail on his birthday.