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Black Pug .csv import template

I’m interested in using the Black Pug import feature to import .csv files that are adapted from other sources, such as Tentaroo, Merit Badge Fairs, or even in-house spreadsheets. Would anyone who uses Black Pug be willing to share a sample .csv export so I can use the format to build a template? I’d appreciate it! I’ll share the finished template afterward.

Hello. If you could send me your contact information at, I would be happy to forward the template to you.

Thank you for your reply and offer to help! I have e-mailed you.

not too simple - every name and title has to be exactly how it is in the database

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Granted, not too simple for most, but I speak computer/database/spreadsheet quite fluently. I’ll be able to make it work for me. :slight_smile:


I have imported our camp merit badges through black pug but one scout didn’t come through. I am wondering if it’s because he and his father have the same name, except Jr and Sr. Any ideas how to get it imported ?

Double check that the scout has a green shield by their name. Also, when you go to their page, is there a yellow bar that says they have not been matched to a scout on your official roster?

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