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Black Pug MB Import

With the summer camp season hopefully just around the corner, I was thinking about the pack pug import. I don’t like that it made me, the SM, the “counselor of record” for each requirement. I would prefer that it would be like with physical blue cards the actual counselor or area director at camp.

So, I went back to the Black Pug export to see if there is even a blank for counselor. I had “hopes” that maybe our camp just didn’t fill in that field. Well, there is no field for counselor. Is this something that Black Pug supports, but our camp didn’t use? Or is it not even supported?

Is there a way we can have the import put even “Summer Camp Name” for example as the counselor? That way if someone went back into the records, they wouldn’t be like “why did Mr. Johnson approve all of the MBs, he isn’t a registered MB counselor for those”.

I agree, it is not a perfect solution. It gets recorded exactly the same as if you, the SM, manually entered all the data through the UI.

The Scoutbook UI, for logical reasons, does not support a leader entering approvals for another leader. Your login credentials define your permissions/capability etc.

However, note that while not ideal for recording Counselor names, it does NOT show Approved by Counselor on the import. Instead, it shows who “entered” and approved the items in Scoutbook.

To help with this, a new release was made that adds notes to requirements and Merit Badge completions indicating that the completions/approvals were due to an import from Black Pug.

That is a good improvement. If the world is truly moving away from physical blue cards, this is helpful. I am not at all advocating that, but this helps.

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