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Bringing in new webelos (AoL) crossovers into troop roster

We have had five cub scouts completed AoL and crossover. The transfer paperwork was submitted and entered in the BSA system by our local office.

How can I find them and add them to my roster? (I am a scout book administrator, not Key 3). I added a scout and then when I updated their profile and entered their BSA membership number, scoutbooks tells me:
BSA Member #: The BSA Member Number already exists under another user account in Scoutbook. Please check the number or try to remove the number from the other account first."

I don’t believe his former pack used scoutbooks. But, 1. let’s say they did. How do I get them to my troop since the transfer paperwork was submitted and entered? or 2. let’s say they don’t use scoutbooks. How do I get them into my troop?

Hi, Susan,

Every scout has automatically had a Scoutbook account since earlier this year, when the BSA went live with Scoutbook-for-all, even if a unit didn’t use Scoutbook.

The youth accounts should automatically appear in your Scoutbook roster shortly after (24-48 hours or so) they appear on the official roster at my.scouting. You’ll want one of the Key 3 (or a Key 3 delegate) to confirm that the scouts are appearing on your official roster.

Thank you. That 24-48 hrs is good too know. I’m probably just too early. I’ll wait a couple of days and try again.

Hi, Susan,

You will likely want to remove those “duplicate” accounts you created after the “real” accounts appear. If you already have parents connected to these accounts, one approach could be to add a flag in the names on those accounts for now, so that they are easily distinguishable from the “real” ones when they appear.

For example, “Pee Wee Harris” becomes “[Temp] Pee Wee Harris”. That way, the parents who may already be connected continue to get emails from the troop with even announcements. The only potential problem I can see is if advancement starts getting added to these “temp” accounts before they are replaced. Then, there will be some overhead in transferring that information.

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That’s good advice. I am just going to delete the ones I’ve created and wait. (I had not connected parents yet.) Don’t want to have to put in the info twice.

I have figured out how to bring them it (but I can’t explain to anyone else, sorry).