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Broken Connections to cub scouts

I am the Committee Chair (Key 3) and I am in charge of the Scoutbook account for our Pack. I should have full access to each scout, but I have to constantly reconnect with each scout everytime I need to edit something. I can’t and parents to new or existing scouts because I am not connected to them anymore.

I know it’s not a cure for the issue, but the fastest way to “reconnect” that I’ve found for Key 3 leaders and Unit Admins is to go to

My Dashboard → My Units → Unit Roster → < Your Name >

then select the Committee Chair position, check the “Position Approved” box, then “Update”. Repeat with the Unit Admin position, if you have one. That should restore Full Control to all of the scouts currently on your roster.

I’m not sure why it happens, but it seems like there are a lot of folks experiencing this issue. This process generally gets them back in business.

ETA: Oops. I used an escape sequence and hid the text (bold above) I meant to include.

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The biggest issue is that it sends out an alert to the other Key3 members that a connection was approved. Which is good, but to have it do that constantly for each scout is annoying.

Does that happen when you renew the CC/Unit Admin credentials, instead of restoring the connections individually? I haven’t seen that notice occur with our unit when we restore credentials.

This happens just about every time that I go in to do something. Completely random times.

Sorry. I phrased the question poorly. I meant “Do your Key 3 also get emails when you restore your credentials instead of reconnecting to each scout individually?”

@ArthurGilmore Are you able to access the Member Manager at

Yes, I can access the page.

And the correct adults and scouts are there

Yes, they are there.

I fo not know if the following fixes this issue, but it may be part of the solution.

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