Unable to Modify Connections

I am the Committee Chair for my pack. Recently my daughter bridged from our Pack to a Troop and I became dual-registered. I now cannot modify connections for the Cub Scouts in the Pack beyond “View Profile” and “View Advancement”. I need to add permissions for another leader in our pack. My position appears correctly in Scoutbook and My.Scouting position manager. My SB ID number is #11434532, user ID #135442293. Thanks for the help!

Have you verified that both of your positions are showing in my.scouting (i.e. that council didn’t transfer you instead of adding the new scouter role in the troop)?

I am still correctly listed on My.Scouting roster as the Pack Committee Chair, and as a non-role registered adult in the new Troop. In Scoutbook, I show to have “Full Control” with each of the Scouts, and can change their dens, etc. (I just had a new member join and was able to transfer him to a den), but I can’t add permissions for other leaders.

Unfortunately connections manager is broken right now

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Got it, thank you; hope it’s back soon!

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