BSA Family Award

While attempting to add completed items within the “BSA Family Award”, I was able to add items to Item 1 however, I was unable to add anything else without receiving this error: Unable to update award Requirements. Please try again later.

Where are you seeing this award?

@HollisRutledge - i have looked in the pack and troop awards and did not see it in scoutbook nor is it listed at the BSA Awards Central.

It is however listed in @JenniferOlinger

BSA® Family Award

History and research status

The award appears to be or has been awarded to families, and family member participants in this award program. I do not know (without further research)

  • how old the award is
    • Dates back to at least the early 1980s per a BSA national store employee whose family completed the program at that time.
  • if it can still be awarded
  • it if activity book has been revised
    • Activities have been updated and included in more recent revisions to handbook?
  • Current supply stock numbers (SKU) and stock keeping numbers (SKN) for optional patches and pins.
    • emblems found in 2020 national supply group price list.

BSA Family Award


Category patch is house shaped. Categories appear to have changed.

# Reference 2020 Description Reference 2000 Description
1 2020 Awards Shaping Your Family Identity” emblem, No. 18094 (2020 SKU: 18094-Emb Family Identity); pin, No. 14354 (2020 SKU not found); Cub Scout, temporary patch 2000 News Learning Through Fun and Adventure
2 2020 Awards Developing Personal Skills” emblem, No. 18095 (2020 SKU: 18095-Emb Family Pers Skills), pin, No. 14355; Cub Scout, temporary patch 2000 News Strengthening Family Relationships
3 2020 Awards Building a Family Team” emblem, No. 18096; (2020 SKU; 18096-Emb Family Bldg Team), pin, No. 14356; Cub Scout, temporary patch. 2000 News Developing Character
4 2020 Awards "Connecting With Your Community"emblem, No. 18097 (2020 SKU: 18097-Emb Family Community); pin, No. 14353; Cub Scout, temporary patch. 2000 News Teaching Responsibility
5 2020 Awards Facing Family Challenges” emblem, No. 18098; (2020 SKU 18098-Emb Family Challenges) pin, No. 14352; Cub Scout, temporary patch 2000 News Handling Difficult Situations

Award Patch

The BSA Family Award patch is square shaped.

  • 2000 News: supply number: 33710A
  • 2020 SKU and description: 978-Emb BSA Family, status N

Activity Book

  • 2000 supply number: 33012A
  • Title: Cub Scouting’s BSA Family Activity Book
  • Also known as: BSA Family Activity Book
  • Published: October 2000
  • image
    The 2000 printed paper activity book may have been replaced with a section in the Scouting mobile app. Printing of paper version has been discontinued per BSA National local store.
  • 2000 Contents (categories):

… The BSA Family Activity Book is divided into five categories: “Learning Through Fun and Adventure,” “Strengthening Family Relationships,” “Developing Character,” “Teaching Responsibility,” and “Handling Difficult Situations.” Each category contains suggested activities for family members to do together. Activities include field trips, role-playing, games, projects, and discussions. The book also provides parents with ways to incorporate these activities into daily life, by meeting their own family’s needs and interests.

… A certificate is given to the family, with optional patches and/or pins given to family members who participate.

Copyright © 2000 by the Boy Scouts of America.



Copyright 2000 Boy Scouts of America (or earlier),
2022-11-29-V DRAFT

I see it in Scoutbook

That is actually Internet Advancement.

I’m not sure what an Internet Advancement is but it’s odd because it allowed me to enter progress on one item but then gives me the error that it can’t update requirements upon any additional progress entry.

It is a parallel system to Scoutbook. It seems as though it is discontinued, but not fully removed. It is not listed to purchase at

Does it look like the Scouting mobile app?

Good point. I bet it is.

Here are some screen shots. It is from the Scouting App.

Yes, it’s in the Scouting mobile app.

I know our Scout Shop here in San Antonio sells the awards. I saw they had a healthy stock of them. I didn’t think it was discontinued though.

You’ll have to talk to your council. My searching couldn’t find it at,, nor in Scoutbook. If your council has them in stock, I think they would love for people to complete the activities and purchase the awards.

@HollisRutledge - i think the issue wil, be getting it approved in scoutbook and purchased by the pack. I was unable to find it in

As a test i added requirements complete for that award on my son and it did show up in needs approval in scoutbook.

Updated Title from:
Unable to update award Requirements. Please try again later
BSA Family Award

So, are you able to add progress to your Family Award when you tested or did it give you the same error? If you also got the error, do I just report the progress on paper to our Cub Master for them to approve somehow?

@HollisRutledge - now that you have sime data you may want to try and see if the full award shows up in the record of your scout and add the rest that way.

I went to Scoutbook and didn’t see the Family Award listed there.

Try contacting the Executive Chairman of your Council’s Committee, and ask if The Family Award is still available to earn.