Two BSA ID Numbers, Council Only Sees One Number

I have a scout whose BSA ID number has changed in Scoutbook. In calling our council, they only show his old number. I think the change happened when he was added to a Venturing crew in a different council (that he was unaware he was joining). He would much rather have his old number as primary, but we’re unsure about merging accounts if our council can’t even see the second number. All his information in Scoutbook is correct, other than the BSA ID number.

His old number: 135403554

The new number: 14260460

Where do we go from here? Thanks!

Well 2 councils mean 2 BSA Numbers. So that would mean 2 different Scoutbook Users with name variations usually. We will take a look

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I’m involved in 2 councils and have 2 Member Ids.
Jessica Klopp 14084077 Hawk Mt 528
Jessica Klopp 129756993 PA Dutch 524 - Primary
I can’t change my boy’s scout book.

My one son is in a pack with Hawk Mt Council
My other son had dule membership with both Hawk Mt and PA Dutch. His primary is PA Dutch.

@JessicaKlopp Do you need assistance with something?

As long as both BSA ID numbers are valid, and everything is correct in Scoutbook, I’m good with that. Thanks!

yes I can’t access Scout book. says someone is already using my e-mail address and I only have one account.

@JessicaKlopp You have Google sign in turned on, so you need to log in with the Google sign in button and use your Google name and Google password.

Your e-mail address is also on your son’s Scoutbook account. I can remove it, if you’d like.

@JenniferOlinger I have no issues accessing Vincent’s it is Jasper’s that is the issue. Here are the steps I’m taking. and my issue.
I click on Jasper’s account. under “my family”
click on Jasper’s advancements
click on Bear
click on any of the advancements and it kicks me back to my Dashboard.


Your son is not assigned to a den in the Scoutbook. Ask the pack admins to place him in the proper den and you will be able to access his advancement.


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