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Scoutbook Profile and Unit affiliation cleared

I recently moved to a new Council. When my transfer application was processed I was given a new BSA#. After requesting to have the new BSA# removed so I kept my original #, the merger was completed but my entire profile was wiped out in Scoutbook. The council rep can see all the data but when I log in there is nothing but the default data and my affiliation with my Troop is gone and I can no longer view my connections.

BSA# are council specific - as long as you keep old BSA# in new council there will be many issues. @TimothySprunger I will send you a direct message to see what can be done and get details of the story. Look at top right avatar to find message

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Thanks for information Donovan. I can understand that. We’re military and have been in several different councils over the past years. So how do I get my Scoutbook profile back in line with my account?

T. Sprunger

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