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Changed councils and lost advancement record

My son and I moved. We changed councils, and had trouble moving him to the current council. Now he shows up under me but he has no advancements from last year?

that is all with his old council - your new council should get it in system for you

If you have his BSA ID from the previous council, you should be able to get his advancement records from that council. It took forever for one of my transfers from out of council to get all of his advancement ported over from the previous council.

@BennieGatlin can you give me a few more details to pass on. Did the unit make a new Scout Account? Did they wait for Member Update to bring in the Account that already existed?

If the new council gave the Scout a new BSA ID number, you might be able to pull the old account over. Try going to:

My Account -> My Connections
Then click on “Connect to your Scout”

Does your son have a current membership in a unit?

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