BSA ID Search (family w/4 kids)

Can I get a search on BSA ID 14251769? Do you need DOB?

I have a family we are trying to get transferred into Pack and Troop. They are coming from Lincoln Heritage Council and moving to Central GA Council.

Mom BSA ID: 14251769
AOL aged girl:
Scouts BSA boy:
Scout BSA girl: ??? Was linked in my.scouting, and I accepted the online app, but don’t know the BSA ID because she’s not showing on the roster yet.

I was going to start by asking for a search on Mom’s BSA ID, to see if her adding her others to my.scouting will make her other kids appear. Mom thinks she was the one that registered them, not Dad, so in theory this should work.

Previous councils are Pine Tree Council (Brunswick, ME); Chickasaw Council (Memphis, TN); and Lincoln Heritage Council (Louisville, KY))

Parent connection in AKELA do not merge. Think this is still a beascout application event - not a transfer event

her kids are scattered across a few MIDs - a Council can fix this in future. The MID you provided has no Primary log in

Can you check on mom’s other ID that she can see: 137236176?

that is the Sign she uses it seems - attached to SM and LM
then 134652590 has a log in that is everything before the @ of the email - it is attached to same LM and the MM

Okay, so she should add 134652590 as another BSA ID to her current login? I believe the other two are already there, although she is using the old login as primary.

I’m pretty sure she has to have the one with the existing parent relationship as primary in order to complete the online application/transfer.

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