Need Assistance for Parent with Multiple Member IDs

I have a mother in my Pack that was a leader in another Unit before joining us. When they joined our Unit she had initially decided to not sign up for leadership. Now she has agreed to be a Unit Scouter Reserve to help us cover our needs for female leadership with the female Cubs we have. She forwarded me a copy of her recent YPT certificate to submit with her application and I noticed that the Member ID number on the certificate is different than what is listed in her Scoutbook profile. I need to see if she has multiple accounts, and if they can be merged before this becomes an issue. I have not submitted her leadership application yet.

Post the MID (BSA#) that you have and we can look

The one in the SB Profile she has linked to her kids is 135531453. For whatever reason she still has not linked to this account even though I have sent her multiple invites. Haven’t followed up to see if she has tried or not. The one on her YPT certificate is 13610742.

She or you need to call Council - keep the 13610742 - see if they can merge the other one - she cannot do it cause the names are different. After that we can fix any SB issues

Thanks, I will follow up with them.

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