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I hope you can help or direct me to someone who can.

I have a strange issue. My son’s BSA ID is the same as when he was in Cub Scouts, however his Scoutbook record shows no Membership history prior to becoming a Boy Scout. That tab is not even there.

He has a twin, whose record shows Membership history but that membership only reflects his last year as Webelo. My boys did the full Cub program starting with Tiger and were even Founders of their Pack. None of that history shows.

We just got a new registrar in December and when I went to the office to ask about these changes (I also have another scout whose name is misspelled) and she told me that she has no access to Scoutbook at all and cannot make any changes.

I just started as Adv. Chair for our troop so I am trying to navigate what is in my purview to change and what isn’t.

Thanks in advance for any assistance or guidance you can provide.

What are their bsa member numbers?

Alexander - 130599856
Philip - 130599854

For reference mine is 130599855

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