Scoutbook IDs being crossed between father and son

I am having issues with my Scoutbook account and my son’s, as it look like some of his information is now under my ID and vice versa. All of this occurred recently when Scoutbook purged records.
We had original ids from a different council, moved and joined a new pack. There were no issues for a year before I became a den leader for my youngest son. At that point, I was unaware I now had a new ID # and needed to merge the two and have the new ID as the current.
Since this time council has been trying to merge and unmerge my accounts and update data. I am sure there are several BSA# out there between us, so I am hoping someone can unravel all of this and set things straight. I can no longer see his account info as he has moved onto a Troop but I could see it in the past. Just trying to clear things up here.

My BSA #13685533
My son’s BSA#136507836

ok I think we have this fixed for you

@DonovanMcNeil Can you tell me what you did? I have been working with my council on fixing this as well. It would be nice to explain what you did to correct the issues. Do you need my email?

Bill G.

councils have different tools is the only answer - same name kids cause issues

@DonovanMcNeil I will start with Scoutbook first if it happens again. Yeah, same names but different middle names. I figured that would be better than what I went through as a kid. HA!

Thanks again for the prompt response and fixing months of issues here. I really appreciate the help!

@DonovanMcNeil There are still some issues with the information between me and my son. I have his cub scout ranks under my name and I was never a cub scout. Also, not sure if this happens when he crosses over, but none of his cub scout accomplishments or history are visible under his ID. Is this something that usually happens?

The majority of the issues are resolved but there are a few still out there.

we are looking at it

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks. Let me know if you need anything from me to help out or if there are questions I can answer.

just sent 2 more emails on this

@DonovanMcNeil any updates?

it looks like your council did this - we are still working it

@DonovanMcNeil Yes, I am not surprised. I was working with them on this for months before I decided to post here in the forums. I should have come here first.
As always, let me know if I can be of any assistance.

nothing you can do - waiting to hear back how Devs want to handle it

I feel so special that I have created such an interesting issue. Is there an award? HA HA!

Yes, but it can’t presently be displayed in Scoutbook. Adult awards are in the backlog, and prioritized after all youth-related features are implemented. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@WilliamGockman we have been told this is fixed - might take overnight to fully take effect

@DonovanMcNeil Just had the chance to check and I believe it is all correct. I appreciate the help and getting this fixed.

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