BSA numbers wrong

I can’t manage my Bear Den

When I log into Scoutbook, it shows my ID as 12674820 which is linked to my Tiger Scout Jonah.

Apparently an older ID 106970723 is linked to my Bear Den Leader access but that also has my Bear Scout Liam.

Can someone link all of this together for me?


@RobertBlackstone you should be good to go

Perfect, thanks so much

I have a new scout that transferred from his pack to our troop, he is listed in our active Roster but continued to error out when I try to import advancement for him. Scout#136563759.

@JonathanBerg1 that scout is not registered in a Troop

Ok, he is a newer scout to our troop. Could this be paperwork at Council pending?

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yes - if it was turned in - the parent or Cubmaster can transfer scout in - Transferring from Another Unit - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

These can take upwards of 2 months at times.

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