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YPT Not recording completions

I retook the YPT course (all three modules and completed the online test with a 100% score), but it has not updated in the several days since I completed it (06SEP2020). I am unable to see actual completions dates on any of the modules. What is the issue with recording training completions, especially in light of the upcoming recharter season?
Craig Mook
Troop 824 Unit Training Chair

Craig –

Try logging back into My.Scouting but this time, by using Chrome, or Microsoft Edge using either an Incognito Window, or an InPrivate Window, and you can pull one up by using the key combination of Ctrl+Shift+N (hold all three keys at the same time).

If that doesn’t help, then I suggest you check with your local Council who has resources to help you.

Still doesn’t show that I completed all the modules ( I took all three modules and did the test same afternoon, 06 Sep 2020). It looks like it didn’t record my completion of the Bullying V2 and the final test, even after six days of waiting for the completions to update. I’ve logged in using Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Chrome in Incognito, no change. I hate that it doesn’t show dates of completion of the modules anymore.
I’ve contacted the training rep for my local council, his advice, wait a couple days (which I’ve done) and that National was having issues with YPT tracking.

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I also just noticed as I ran training reports and updates in my.scouting and Troopmaster, another leader is showing the same results, completion of the first two modules, and no completion report of the Bullying or final test. Am waiting on his verification that he did all modules and final test, too…

Another way to check training is the old tool Training Validation.

Log into My.Scouting. If Single Sign On automatically logs you in, sign out and log in again. This old tool does not play well with SSO.

Then from My.Scouting home page = Menu > Legacy Web Tools > Training Validation. To use direct search by BSA ID#, change Username to Member ID; if you want more than YPT records, click all records.

Advanced search has the ability to search by email.

Training seems to show here almost immediately. If it’s here, the you know it is an update and display issue for other systems.

ALWAYS take a screenshot of completed trainings

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I was just forwarded this email from my Council:

There have been issues with the system recording completion of YPT courses. Below are some notes to work with.
Also, there are two courses. Take the one that is MANDATORY to count for Re-Charter. You can also take the Recommended course, but it doesn’t check the box!

And Direct Contact leaders, also take Weather Hazard training.

Here is the answer about YPT issues someone may have if they call.

In the last 2 months, there appear to have been a problem with YPT that was completed in the Learning Management System properly being credited to leaders in My.Scouting.org. National is aware of the problem and is working on a fix.

Until National fixes the problem, here is a work around that appears to solve the problem.

If you took the training during this timeframe, login to My.Scouting.org, Legacy System, Training Validation. Then click on “all training”, click on the drop down menu and click on “BSA-ID” and then input your BSA-ID in the block.

Check to see if a 2020 date is reflected for the following modules:
SCO_3008, SCO_3009, SCO_3010, SCO_3011.

If all 4 modules have a 2020 date, no further action is required.
If not, retake all modules that do not have a 2020 date in order. After completing each module, log out of My.Scouting and take a 10-15 minute break. Then log back in to take the next module and repeat until all modules are complete.

If you have not started the training yet, follow the procedure of taking one module at a time.

You can also take screenshots of each completion certificate and save them. If the training is not updated following 24-48 hours you can submit the certificates to your District Professional to have your data updated

Only annoying thing is this was identified two months ago but word never got pushed down to the Troop level

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*September 12 2020 My wife also has taken the course several time 5 to be exact. It still does not register. *I notified the site administrator and received instructions to retake while in “Incognito Mode”. This didn’t he and is very frustration for us. This has be going on for a very very long time. If it doesnt register and you are unable to print out compilation what steps do you have to take to be put on new 2021 Charter which is due soon? Anyone have a suggestion?

Well a key 3 could use Training Manager to manually enter it

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Already checked that (I’m the Unit Training Chair), same issue, only seeing two of the modules.

Member care had to update mine when I sent them my completion certificate a few months ago after the new YPT was just released. Now that we can’t contact Member Care, can your Council registrar update for you? Have you checked with them? Did your training show you a completed certificate when you took it? Agreed for all reading always good to save/print certificate from any training as proof just in case.

The new modules don’t produce a certificate without going back into your main training page, they just say congratulations, you completed “X” module and your score from the unit test. Nor do they show dates of completion when you go to the Learning Center (https://training.scouting.org/my-learning) to look at compltions. It’s highly frustrating to someone who’s worked with military training and associated databases for over thirty years. I also hate that as the Unit Training Chair, my.scouting will only let me view training completions for registered leaders, not other parents who may be taking the courses to attend functions (outside of the legacy display which is at times useless, since you pretty much need the BSA ID # for the parent, and when they change affiliations (like moving to a new town as registering in a new unit) they get a new BSA ID # and then BSA never automatically pulls their old data into the new number.
Anyway, I just took the YPT Certification Test for the third time, hoping this one takes…

I’ve elevated the issue to IDG for further investigation / resolution.


Craig - you use the Y01 code. You can’t record completion of SCO modules.

Thanks, Rick. I truly think this has been an issue with the new ScoutingU LMS since day one in May.

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FWIW, we use TroopMaster and it has a function to import training from my.scouting.org. It does require us to enter in TroopMaster the BSA Member ID # for each person we have in TroopMaster, but we are not limited just to registered unit leaders. It will import from anyone we add in TroopMaster including parents, merit badge counselors, grandparents, adult siblings of Scouts, etc; essentially anyone we have an interest in tracking for our troop. We run the import once a month or so prior to each outing. It updates everyone’s records in TroopMaster so that all BSA training shows up.
But it doesn’t override other non-BSA training that we may be tracking in TroopMaster. From that we generate reports for those whose training has expired, is soon to be expired, or training they haven’t yet taken.

Update: The issue (which is under the cog of ScoutingU and is likely LMS related) has been passed to the appropriate folks in Dallas.


Thank you, I look forward to seeing this resolved. Is there a reason why the modules don’t show a completion date without pulling it from the Legacy tool?

We also use Troopmaster. It will only pull what shows as completed if you go into the legacy tool. We’ve been using it for a couple years, and I use it and import records a couple times a month, more when we are prepping for recharter.

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If you pull up a BSA ID using the legacy web tools, it shows each module and it’s completion date. You have to complete all four modules (3 training, 1 test) for it to populate the Y01 code. Unitl all four are done, you can still see which modules a person has completed, both via the Legacy tool, and in Troopmaster. Trust me, I went round and round with National over those codes at first becasue they were confusing…