Bug Report: Dbl-Click a date in month view creates new entry with start date = current date

Hi team,

Just reporting the following repeatable problem.

PROBLEM: When creating a new event by double-clicking a calendar date in “Month” view, when the event is saved, the Event Start Date always defaults back to today’s date.

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: I would have expected the Event Start Date to remain the date I had double-clicked in the Month view of the calendar.


  1. Open up Internet Advancement and switch to “Calendar”.
  2. Ensure your calendar view is by “Month”.
  3. Fast forward a month (e.g., move forward to February).
  4. Double-click a date to start creating a new event entry. (notice on this screen the start date and end date show the same date as the date that was double-clicked in the “Month” view.)
  5. Make any required changes to the event entry, but do NOT touch the “Event Start Date” field.
  6. Click the “Create Event” button at the top right. Now… Watch as the “Event Start Date” field suddenly changes to the current date, and then the calendar entry is saved with today’s date instead of the date that was originally used when the screen appeared.
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Thank you. I have reported this to the developers.

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