IA Calendar New Event Start Date Reverts to Today

When entering past events to bring the IA/SB calendar up to date, the start date reverts to today’s date after clicking on Create Event. I can open and edit the posted event to correct it. But I would rater it post the date I have entered in the start date field.

It is annoying - type the date then click off the popup calendar before you press enter or save event

Why are you entering past dates?

WE did not use SB+ last year and I am picking up the project now. So I need to post past events and hope I can scare up minutes and attendance records from last Fall.

I have typed the date in and read it back. Then the “Create Event” button causes a little flutter and I see the date change. It has made some interesting colored stripes on the Calendar. It is easily edited, but it should not necessary to edit what has been entered once.


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This is not just an issue with past events. I found that a number of events I created in the future, even when showing the correct start date in the entry screen, are then recorded in the system starting on today’s date. I then have to go back in to edit the event and enter the correct start date. I found that if I manually adjust the start date by toggling it to a different date and then back to the correct start date, and then save the event, it saves correctly. But honestly, why is that just for the start date - the end date of the event saves correctly every time. This is clearly a bug.

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