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Adding Tenderfoot (or Second Class or First Class) advancement to meeting causes it to hang

When adding Scout requirements to advancement topics during a meeting, it works great. I can select particular requirements.

However, when selecting Tenderfoot or Second Class, I’m able to add the rank to the meeting, but it hangs on “Loading” when trying to specify specific requirements with Manage Advancement. Anyone else see this issue?


  • Mark

Hi, Mark,

I’m assuming you’re talking about the “planned advancement” settings in the calendar module.

I haven’t encountered this issue, but I understand that the planned advancement feature is currently not updated to reflect the latest requirements, and there is no specific public timeline to do so.

The planned advancement system has never done anything easily visible (e.g. add the list of planned items to a user-visible list anywhere, automatically sync to advancement based on attendance, etc). At one point, it would flag an advancement as being planned, but a scout/parent had to navigate to the rank page where that specific advancement would be displayed to see this. My understanding is that there is a calendar update that’s being planned, but it’s not clear to me what that update will do in terms of the planned advancement.

I would recommend that you put the advancement items you plan to cover in the event description text so that it’s both visible and avoids the hang-up you are experiencing.

ETA: Related discussion ongoing here:

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Got it. Good to know. Yeah, I did notice there was no way to see the advancement in the meeting without editing. The description text is a great suggestion.