Bug? Removed a person from recharter, hit refresh roster, they come back

I have encountered a bug.

Removed a person from recharter, then recalled that I was doing that and moved them in position manager to Unit Scouter Reserve since I now know they are inactive. The next day, I hit refresh roster, they came back into the main roster screen (with the USR position), but they are also in the remove from roster screen (with the committee member role).

I guess one could say since they are listed with 2 different roles, it is a “feature”, but it sure seems odd to remove them twice, now.

I think you kind of double told the systems

Well, I see people as people. I think the system sees the system as a person plus a role. If I am not going to recharter a person, I don’t expect them to be added back in. Or, if I do, I don’t expect them to also be in the remove from recharter at the same time. Now, I have 2 of the same person (but with different roles) in the removal tab.

well you could recharter a person as a USR telling the system they are no longer a MC? which it sounds like what you did.

I think it sees people as both, because some registered positions are allowed to multiple within the same unit, and some are not.

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