Unable to Quick Entry New Cub Scout Adventures

I am attempting to enter adventures earned by my Cub Scouts at camp. Everytime i do quick entry for AOL Scouts, it has the red X saying they are not eligible for the adventure. Is this a known issue, or sporadic?

@CraigTuttle are the Scouts in an AOL Den? Are they on the 2024 rank?

AOL Den, 2024 rank, yes. It lists all of our Pack’s scouts along the side, with the red X (not just the AOL scouts) under the heading of “Not Eligible”

When i go into an individual scout, my daughter, it says this for Paddle Craft (even though she is an AOL): Youth is not eligible to earn this advancement and must be registered in the appropriate den level for this rank. Please click here to return to roster and assign to appropriate den.

In the database it looks like your daughter is in a webelos Den - might be best to make a new AOL Den and move the members to that

@CraigTuttle ’ check the membership section in scoutbook to make sure the aol den is the only current membership

so did Scoutbook add a new den category now? I guess I missed that update, as it’s never been an option.

no you do it in Scoutbook + (advancements.scouting.org) > If you click “Den” in Red Banner it organizes by Den

Then you see “Edit” for Each Den - The same is on each Scout with the 3 stacked dots > you can change Den Level there

Thank you, i have done this and will reload to see if I can bulk enter now.

@CraigTuttle - the aol den option was added a month ago

@CraigTuttle yes that fixed it

This appears to be working now. Thank you, i will spread the word to other leaders from camp who experienced the same issue.l

Circling back, guess it didn’t quite work. I did bulk entry for 8 scouts; only 2 of them “took” and reflect completion. The others still show adventure not started. I attempted a bulk entry on those 6 again, still nothing showing as completed, even though it acts as if it successfully updated.

THAT is a known bug @CraigTuttle

darn, okay…will await a fix

What is MID (BSA#) of a Scout that failed @CraigTuttle

I went ahead and input these individually, so he’s got the adventures complete now. But one of the 6 who didn’t update correctly on bulk entry was: 14562878. Another is 136396731.

I refound the bug on the test server and sent it back in

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