Calendar Advancement Planning Section

The advancement section in the calendar for cub scouts is using an older version of the requirements. Needs to be updated to either allow selection of the version or just default to the newest version.

@CharlotteSchumacher - it should be t he new reqs based on this :
July 11, 2019 Scoutbook Updates

You would think, but it doesn’t match the advancement section at all.


@CharlotteSchumacher - could you post some screen shots from advancement and the calendar planned advancement ?

This is in the individual cub scout advancement section.

This is what shows up in the calendar section.

this is noted and we are seeing what is the issue - we are only so many volunteers - so if as a community if you see things in regards to this please post here
right now I see Tiger and Web/AOL are old ones
and it seems only Web/AOL required ones will load

It looks like Wolf and Bear are the newest requirements and I can select those.

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