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Is there a way to delete comments on a calendar event? I used last year’s event to create a new event for this year and the comments from the previous event copied over. We encourage families to use the comments to indicate how many in their family are attending an event (since SB’s RSVP feature does not provide this information), but with last year’s comments on this year’s event leaders are getting confused about attendance. Any suggestions besides deleting the event and creating a new one?

@JenniferHumphrey - did you just change the date for the event ?

No, I used the “Copy New” button at the bottom of the previous event.

@JenniferHumphrey - then you are using the chrome feature assistant. The copy new is not native to scoutbook. It would seem like it is a copy all text action. You could post in the feature assistant forum or message the developer. You may in this case create a new clean event

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The Copy New feature does not copy comments over. Did you by chance copy the event then edit the original event to change the date?

@GaryFeutz - thanks for the clarification. I was not sure what happened on this one.

The short answer is no.

The person who posted may edit or delete their own comment; other folks may not.

Thanks @DougWright , that answers my question. Thanks @Stephen_Hornak for your help as well.

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