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Donovan- unrelated to the post, but i can’t seem to either DM or create a new topic. Our Pack has several familes that don’t get scoutbook emails - despite the toggle switch being set to the left. Any ideas on what i can have them do to fix this?

If you post some Scoutbook User IDs or BSA #s who are not getting them we can look. I know on Gmail emails some times adding the alias + fixes it -

2 of the BSA #s affected are:



And thank you for helping with this - it’s been driving me nuts for a couple months now.

@MichaelD_Addabbo Both users have opted out of email - they can log into Scoutbook > My Dashboard > My Account > Email > at very top of page is toggle on right side make sure it does not show Red

One of them sent me a screenshot today of that toggle- and it is greyed out/on the left side. I did just notice that both of those ID’s have the “connection pending” at the bottom - would that affect this at all?

These user have never logged into these accounts

You would need to find out how they are logging in - like what username - then I can setup a direct message to get it and investgate

I’ll ask what his username is - I just noticed his SB User ID is 13118611 for what it is worth.

That is a different account not attached to son - give me a few

@MichaelD_Addabbo that user is now good to go

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