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Calendar Event Editing - Planned Advancement never opens

We have a hike scheduled this Saturday and I want to record the Advancement we will work on in the Calendar entry. I could select Second Class from Manage Advancement without a problem.

But I haven’t be able to drill down into Second Class to de-select all the requirement except 3b and 3c (the only 2 appropriate for this hike). After I click on the Second Class link, the “loading…” pop-up spins forever (it’s been over 5 minutes).

I’ve had this happen in Chrome, both on my iPhone and on my desktop PC.

Here’s a screenshot on Dropbox:

Best of luck!



There are known issues in planned advancement, the biggest being it does not work the way users expect. Planned Advancement is only available to those who can edit the calendar entry while in edit mode. Most users expect Planned Advancement to be visible to everyone who can read the calendar entry. Because of this we recommend just putting the planned advancement into the Note field of the calendar entry so everyone knows what is planned.

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