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Changing Owner on Calendar Events

Our pack switched to Scoutbook this school year. In an effort to get the calendars filed out with den meetings while den leaders were still learning how to use Scoutbook, our cubmaster created calendars for each den. Then, for several of the dens, he also entered meeting dates and times.

We didn’t notice a problem right away, because when I went in to add meeting dates and times for my den, I had no problem editing the calendar that he had created. We have recently discovered that for den leaders to now edit their calendars, they must have a pack admin level role. (I have this as advancement chair, which is why we didn’t notice earlier.)

How do we change the “owner” of each calendar to be the den leader for each den, or have that permission shared between the cubmaster and den leader? We do not want to give each den leader a pack admin level role.

@StephanieWorden - just a bit of clarification on roles for you. There are unit admins and den admins. The calendars are automatically created for the unit and each den/patrol. The best scenario is to have the den leaders be den admins so that they can add and edit items in their respective calendars. If you are unit admin you can go to each den leader and see their roles from the roster.

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Thanks! I assumed he had set them up and didn’t realize they were automatically set up. I’d known both exist, but also assumed our cubmaster had already tried the den admin role.

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