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Calendar scheduled meeting with Planned Advancement

I noticed that the Planned Advancement does not add to the scouts that were marked in attendance. It works in the Den Leader Beta but not if scheduled under Scoutbook. Am I doing something incorrectly or is it disabled?

planned advancement is just a planning tool in SB calendar

Can it be added to Requests to so that the advancement is added to the attended scouts please.

There are a lot of issues with doing this. For example, scouts may attend, but not participate in a particular planned activity. Scouts may be late, and miss part of what was done. What was planned may not actually have occurred at the event.

The best way to quickly enter what was actually done at the meeting is using the Quick Entry feature from My Dashboard -> My Units -> Quick Entry. It actually takes less time than using the Planned Advancement feature in the calendar events.

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By that thinking Den Leader (Beta) is in the wrong also, as planned meetings there do automatically get marked completed by attended scouts.

A better solution would be a button for on/Off for the leaders to have a choice either have it automatically added or not. Either the leader goes in and edits that one scout that is late and/or not finished with the advancement that one time it happens or after ever meeting adding the advancements. Where attendance is usually taken its easier to just go in and edit that one/two scouts then every time adding them.

That pretty much summarizes my opinion about all of the DLE interface, but I’m not the target audience for DLE. Since it’s still possible to do something other than use DLE in Scoutbook, the system accommodates different approaches.

I could get behind having a flag to turn on to automatically credit the scouts. It should default to off to prevent accidental crediting. It’s much easier to add credit for something to a group than it is to remove it from a group. I’m not clear how this is better than using Quick Entry, though. The Planned Advancement doesn’t actually show up anywhere unless the scouts/parents are looking at the individual requirements. It does not appear in the text of the event unless you manually enter it separately. As long as it doesn’t become mandatory, I don’t see an objection.

In the interests of full disclosure, I used to actually advocate for this calendar behavior (i.e. having planned advancement automatically credit scouts who attended). Over time as a DL and now as an ASM, I found that it’s usually more than just one scout who doesn’t finish something, and it was always different somethings for different scouts. Of course, I had 13 scouts in my den (and a comparable number in the patrol I advise), so it may have been a larger total number of scouts I was “editing”.

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