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Calendar Time Zone

When I pull it up in SB, it says 1pm. Email says 12 still. The other issue is that when people copy the calendar URL to their calendaring app, it shows up an hour early as well

Ok, I am quite certain that Scoutbook thinks that you are entering it from the central timezone. So, when the email comes and other people pull it up in their calendars, it converts it to an hour earlier for mountain. I’m still not sure why that would be.

Could you try something?
Log off scoutbook and close your browser. Change the timezone setting on your computer to manually set it to mountain. Log back into scoutbook and see if that event still says it’s at 1:00.

Then, log back out of scoutbook and close your browser, manually set the time zone to central. Log back in and look at that event. What time does it start?

that seemed to have fixed it! thanks!

What did? Manually setting your computer to mountain time?

I’m not sure, since all my calendars were already set to Mountain Time. I changed them to central and then changed it back to Mountain. That seems to have fixed it

So, they are displaying it as 12:00 now?



display is correct now. What a pain in the hiney! Thank you for all your help!

Ok, that’s a new event you created? Glad it’s fixed, but I was I had something to report to the developers.

it was the same event. I just kept changing the time after the email was sent so that it stayed current with our tests.

logging out of SB, changing the TZ on my computer and then logging back in seems to back fixed it

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Ok, I had noted that the send now option doesn’t always get the TZ right. Were you using send now or a scheduled reminder (1+ hr) when it matched?

I was using the 1+ hour reminder

Ok, I just did another test of send now, and it’s based on your device settings and not the unit timezone. So, you should be ok to use that too.

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