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How do I add camping nights in a scout's profile?

I was trying to add camping nights in Scoutbook. I can’t find any means to add camping nights.

Some of the scouts have a couple, but not all of their nights are recorded.

Also, how am I able to differentiate between tenting nights (ie: for Camping MB) vs cabin camping?

What about if a scout spends one night in the cabin but the next night in a tent on the same campout (this happens sometimes when we are winter camping because we arrive well past dark, so the scout will simply set up the tent the following day and spend that night in the tent)


At least in the old logs, we would just assume all tenting were renting except for ones appended with “(cabin)”. We will have to see if there is a better way wirh the new system. One would think they would have built that in the new system, but so far it hasn’t jumped out yet.

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A simple toggle button, perhaps with a spot for typed notes seems the most logical. Perhaps the ability to record as a group, like for Rank Reqs, with drop-downs for tent and cabin nights.

Bummer. I sure hope someone in charge is thinking ahead. At least one of the entries (across the board for the whole troop) is listed as “camping nights” but they were in a cabin.

Not everyone in my troop sleeps in the cabin when we get one. Likewise, just because we are staying at a scout camp doesn’t mean we were tenting. And one night in a cabin shouldn’t automatically equate the entire weekend. My scouts do a mix. SMs should have the ability to edit these entries.

I did not enter this, so was hoping to find a way to amend it. I found nothing.

And some of the scouts have done much more tenting than what is listed.

I hope they are working to make this more functional.

I guess I will continue to encourage scouts to record in their books and track it myself…

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