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Both of this scout parents use the same email address. But I can’t seem to enter both with the same email?

Scoutbook requires unique e-mail addresses for each account. If the parents are using gmail, you can make Scoutbook think the addresses are unique by adding +anything before the @. Scoutbook treats and as unique but gmail treats them as the same address.

That worked thanks, appreciate the quick response

Pro-Tip: GMail ignores anything in the name part of an email that comes after a “+”. So if they’re using GMail, they can set up Scoutbook with and and both addresses will go to the same account, but Scoutbook considers them unique emails.

EDIT: Corrected details. Hat tip to @jacobfetzer

@SteveCagigas I don’t think that’s correct. It ignores everything to the right of a “+”. If also ignores the “.” Itself, but it doesn’t ignore everything to the right of the “.”

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Gotcha. Will correct my post. Thanks for double-checking me.

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