Can a parent add service hours/activities?

I just tried to record service hours from this weekend for my daughter. She recently crossed over from the pack to the troop. The transfer is complete and she is in scoutbook under the troop. I clicked on the activity logs from scoutbook and it sent me over to IA. It brought me to what looks like a mostly blank page with the menu bar at the left for youth profile/profile/scoutbook. When I click on youth profile item in the menu, it said something to the effect of “an error has been encountered, our team has been notified”
In case it’s relevant, I am the CC and COR for the pack, but I’m not on the troop roster. I can access all the scouts in my pack, but not my daughter in the troop. Is there something i need to do differently?

@JonChuchla - if you look at the header bar at the top of is there an icon for say the Pack, if so, can you click on that and see if there is a dropdown for your daughter ?

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I did see that. there is a dropdown there. It has 3 options. One for me as the pack leader. One as a parent for my daughter in the troop, and a third as a parent for my other daughter in the pack. I was on the troop one when I tried. The other two pack options let me enter stuff for either the whole pack, or just my younger daughter. But the troop one doesn’t seem to give me access to my older daughter’s log.

@JonChuchla - ok… so the menu lists correctly. Lets try this, on the upper right, select the one for your daughter in the troop and let it populate the page. Does it present this on the right hand side?

Now it does. It didn’t look like that at all earlier. I got that error message in place of the section in the middle and stuff on the right. Maybe someone saw the thread and fixed it in the background.

They rolled back a previous update earlier this evening.

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