Can COR remove/add a new COR in Registered Positions?

Can a COR remove themself as COR and add someone else in Organization Manager > Registered Positions?

I’m a COR delegate but the COR position is greyed out/uneditable. Wasn’t sure if this was because I’m not the actual COR.

The COR delegate cannot. I could do it as a COR delegate during recharter without getting the “old” COR involved.

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The institution head is who approves a COR. CORs don’t approve themselves. The reason you might be able to do it during recharter is because the institution head is approving it in the recharter process. When position manager was first rolled out, any Key 3 could change the COR delegate, but that loophole got fixed.

In that case, does the new COR need to fill out a paper app to have a position change (which the Executive Officer doesn’t even sign though)? Or, is he/she able to go into Registered Positions and change it online?

There is a place for the Executive Officer to sign on the adult application form where it says:

“Signature of Chartered Organization Head or representative”

“Chartered Organization Head” means Executive Officer
“or representative” means the “Chartered Organization Representative” [or COR]

But the COR cannot approve their own position, so the Executive Officer needs to sign.

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And like @brantgurga said, it works at recharter since the CEO/IH/XO approves the roster which has the new COR.

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