Executive Officer and COR

Hello! I just found out that our Charter Organization Representative is now the President of our Charter Organization. Would this make him now also the Executive Officer? (Is one person allowed to be both?) For the recharter paperwork, would I just thus need one signature? Any help would be greatly appreciated- first time working with recharter this year. Thank you!

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Yes a person can be both. Just add them a second time in that position


@DonovanMcNeil - Thank you so much for your reply last night! It looks like our other error is fixed, so hopefully I will be able to submit the charter later tonight. If the COR and Executive Officer are the same person, does that mean that I will need only 1 signature from the chartered organization?

(He signed the paper copy of the Unit Charter Agreement today and I asked him to sign on both lines.) Thank you again!

The main chartering process (roster approval) that uses Adobe only requires the COR signature or designee.

I have not heard anyone mention the process to sign what has traditionally been an annual charter agreement.

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If you have your registrar send you a manual recharter to mark up and send back, that document still has the two signature lines (Chartered Org and Unit Leader). I assume that the UL is the second line she mentions.