Can the Executive Officer assign the COR in Position Manager?

I’m a commissioner. I’m trying to assist one of the units in our district during rechartering. Somehow the system no longer shows any adult assigned as COR for the pack. However, the correct person is registered as a paid adult and he already shows on the roster as the Executive Officer. Shouldn’t he be able to simply assign himself or another paid adult to the position of COR in Position manager? If not, is there another way to do this online short of submitting a paper application (the old way)? They need the COR position in place in order to complete the internet recharter.

If the existing COR is currently registered, is there a reason that the council registrar can’t just re-sync that to the roster? Or is the existing COR no longer serving, and a new COR needs to be registered in their place?

The Executive Officer registration is similar to Lion and Tiger parents - they are on the roster, but are not paid registrations and do not include a criminal background check (CBC). If the EO is not registered in another position, with CBC and payment, then an adult application with CBC release is required.

If the EO has an additional registration, paid with CBC, then a new adult application to add the COR position, approved by their signature as EO, emailed to the registrar, with a follow up phone call, may solve the problem in a few minutes.

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COR is the one position that cannot be handled via position manager. A paper app is needed.

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