COR can MOVE registered adult leader using Position Manager, but can a COR REMOVE registered adult leader using Position Manager?

In short, a parent and his scout left our unit earlier this month (dad was a Unit Scouter Reserve) on good terms and with no hard feelings. We transferred the scout easy peasy and he is off our roster, but can my COR remove dad as USR?

I know the COR can MOVE the registered adult leader positions and has done so a few times in the past (USR becomes a committee member or ASM for example) by just dragging the names in Position Manager. But it is unclear if he can delete and before I ask my COR to do so I want to see if he even can.

I know that come recharter season the USR will simply drop off our charter / we won’t recharter him, but I am trying to see if my COR can do so now vs. waiting 10 months.


@WilliamsburgScouter Not using the Position Manager. The COR can contact the council Registrar and ask them to expire the registration with the unit.

However, because the adult has paid for the entire year, it might be better to ask the adult to transfer their registration to the new unit (if this is allowed by the council and unit).

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Perfect, thanks! I knew about the registrar call but wanted to see if I could make it even easier. :slight_smile:

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